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No 1 ERP Software in Kerala

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Oriben Technologies is one of the best ERP software companies in Kerala. We are a professional team with over 5 years of experience in ERP software development. We know how to optimize your business processes and we specialize in delivering the best possible product for your needs.

ERP software is a system that helps organizations improve their operational efficiency and effectiveness. It does this by integrating data from several different systems such as accounting, inventory management, human resources, etc to show the organization’s entire position on one screen. And we, at Oriben technologies, have a proven track record of success. We specialize in a wide range of services, such as developing, testing, and deploying software and mobile applications as well as designing and building customized enterprise solutions.

ERP Accounting Software For Industries Such As

This Version helps companies sales, manage customer relationships, and optimize their supply chain. It also provides real-time insights into sales performance and customer satisfaction. By using our ERP software, companies can reduce costs, increase efficiency, and improve customer service. businesses can easily manage their distribution and VAN sales operations with ease.

Our ERP software in Kerala is becoming increasingly popular among both wholesale and retail businesses. Oriben ERP software helps improve customer service and increase efficiency. It also helps businesses to make better decisions by providing real-time insights into their data.

Oriben Wholesale and retail ERP Version is used to automate processes such as inventory management, order processing, Tax, financials, customer relationship management (CRM), and more. This will help businesses save time and money while improving the accuracy of their data. Additionally, this version can be tailored to meet the specific needs of each business, making it an ideal solution for companies looking for a comprehensive ERP solution.

The restaurant industry is one of the most dynamic and competitive industries in Kerala. It requires an efficient and effective management system to keep up with the ever-changing market trends. ERP software is a great way to manage restaurants more effectively. Oriben technologies provide the best RMS ERP software in Kerala

In the current digital age, Accounting ERP software has become an essential tool for pharmacies in Kerala. It helps them to manage their accounts in a more organized way and also provides them with better insights into their financials. Pharmacy accounting software can help pharmacies to automate their bookkeeping processes, track sales and inventory, generate reports, and more. This will not only make their accounting process easier but also save time and money. With the help of oriben software, they can easily manage all the financial activities related to their pharmacy business.

Our ERP software is also beneficial for construction businesses in Kerala because it allows them to track progress more effectively, as well as monitor project budgets and resources more closely. With our project management software, they can better manage their finances and ensure that they are not wasting money on unnecessary expenses. Moreover, it helps them improve customer service by giving them access to accurate data about the project status at any given time.

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Fincorp ERP Solution

Fincorp ERP - Basic edition

Fincorp ERP Standard edition Suitable for small-scale business. like Hardware and Paint shop, Fancy, Optical's , Grocery store, Households store, Mobile shop, and Service Stations

Fincorp ERP Solution

Fincorp ERP - Premium edition

Fincorp ERP Premium edition Suitable for Medium scale business units like. Builders and developers, Project Management, Import export units, Production Companies, Distributers, Spare parts shop, and Garage

Fincorp ERP Solution

Fincorp ERP edition

Fincorp ERP Edition Suitable for Medium scale business units like. Builders and developers, Project Management, Import export units, Production Companies, Distributers, warehouse Management and it also customizable as your requirements


ERP software is a system that helps organizations improve their operational efficiency and effectiveness. It does this by integrating data from several different systems such as accounting, inventory management, human resources, etc to show the organization’s entire position on one screen. ERP software helps organizations manage their operations and costs by optimizing decision-making. ERP software gives organizations the ability to view how their different functions are operating. They can see how employees, suppliers, parts, and customers are contributing to the company’s overall performance. By tracking data that is generated from all the different systems on a single screen, it allows organizations

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ERP software has been around for decades and has been a staple in the accounting industry. ERP history started with material requirements planning (MRP) systems in the 1960s and since then, many companies have adopted this technology to manage their operations. In today’s world, ERP software is not just used for accounting purposes but also for other business processes like human resources, customer relationship management (CRM), manufacturing, distribution, supply chain management (SCM), and more. ERP software helps an organization with its entire business operations. They are typically owned by the company and managed through a single vendor. This software is used to organize and manage all of the company’s business operations, which can include financial planning, inventory management, manufacturing production control, sales forecasting, and management, customer service management, etc.



Do I need a new ERP software?

The following are signs that you need a new ERP right now:

  1. Customer complaints about poor service are increasing.
  2. Using both manual and automated systems to complete the same task
  3. Failure to obtain current, accurate information for decision-making
  4. Using handwritten notes because they are easier to jot down than the current system.
  5. Having to enter the same information into multiple systems
  6. Inability to expand the business due to current information system limitations
  7. Data loss or corruption
  8. Dependence on others to complete a task

            If your business is facing these issues, don’t think twice! Contact Oriben technologies and get the best ERP software in Kerala.

What benefits does Oriben technologies offer?

Oriben Technologies is a modern, adaptable ERP solution that can be easily tailored to the specific requirements of each individual business. We provide many advantages that make it long-term sustainable, such as the ability to upgrade to new versions while retaining all of its customizations. We also provide a variety of mobile applications, allowing users to access critical data while on the go, even when they are not connected to the internet.

How can ERP improve business operational efficiency?

ERP can boost a company's performance by figuring out the most efficient way to plan and schedule resources and maximize productivity. One method is to use workflows to streamline business processes, carefully track employee performance, and analyze results. This provides data visibility to business owners, allowing them to see which parts of their processes are most productive and which need to be improved. ERP can also provide users' customers and vendors with data visibility, allowing them to view data in real time and improve relationships in all aspects of your business.

Why ERP Software Is Important for business?

  • ERP software allows businesses to manage their operations more efficiently.
  • One of the main reasons why ERP software is important for your company is because it can help you manage your inventory more effectively
  • It’s also important for managing your customer relationships
  • ERP software also helps you to streamline your supply chain and reduce waste.
  • ERP software also helps with financial management and forecasting, which are crucial aspects of any business.

Why We're the Best ERP Software in Kerala?

Oriben Technologies is the No 1 ERP Software provider in Kerala. Our team has over a decade of experience and we’re experts in designing and developing accounting and inventory ERP software. You can do a lot more with Oriben than just accounting – it’s also project management and human resource management software. It has modules for managing projects, managing people, analyzing inventory, etc. that you can use to grow your business. Proper ERP solution implementation in your organization will assist you in achieving your goals and reaping business success. We take immense pride in providing the state-of-the-art and best ERP software in Kerala.

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Oriben technologies is one of the most sought-after ERP software companies in Kerala, committed to delivering innovative solutions using cutting-edge technology to automate your business processes. With each business challenge you face, we ask ourselves: How can we automate that process to make your work easier? The answers we provide lead to solutions that assist you in reengineering your business practices in order to maximize operational efficiency and responsiveness.

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If you're looking for a single-stop solution for your entire business and accounting needs - Oriben is the right choice. No need to deal with multiple scattered products or different platforms with different features. Everything you need is available here

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We offer a simple, easy-to-use interface with intuitive design elements that let you work seamlessly and quickly. We also offer comprehensive training, so you can be confident in using our software.

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We give support & answer every query after deployment. because our strength is your knowledge. If you need any help with your ERP Accounting Solution - just get in touch with us.