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You can not imagine the benefits of having a mobile app! Nowadays it is vital to have a best performing mobile app for your business growth. Best mobile apps are made by the best mobile app developers in Calicut and one and only name is Oriben! We can change your business via good looking mobile apps.

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Best Mobile App Development Company In Calicut


Mobile App Development

Pick a service from our offerings. Let’s start the project and reach new heights together!

  • Flutter development

    This handy framework lets you design beautiful and responsive apps for both Android and iPhone with just one codebase.

  • android application development

    We can create high-performance apps that are optimized for Android smartphones by employing native development tools and resources.

  • iOS App development

    We build user-friendly iOS apps that give importance to ease of use and functionality, making them a delight to use for Apple fans.

  • Web development

    Our web development services ensure your website works flawlessly across devices and mobile operating systems, so you can reach everyone.

Projects Delivered

Popees Babycare Online Shoping Website
ZEDZAT is an emerging technology-driven startup company with a focus on e-commerce
SUT - Classified Website and Mobile App
Cake recipe kitchen app offers you many easy and delicious cake recipes.

Best Mobile App Developers in Calicut

Having a mobile app is an integral part of your business. It needs a lot of effort and discussion. In traditional marketing strategies, people need to just advertise their products through ads. But when it comes to modern digital marketing, mobile apps play an unavoidable role and they can give you a drastic change for your brand identity! As a mobile app development company, Oriben can do better things for your business. Everyone dreams of sustaining their business in this world, and to establish their base of business, mobile app solutions made by Oriben do it in a fantastic way. 

Oriben creates custom mobile apps. We partner with you from the first spark of an idea to its launch and beyond, ensuring a smooth process. Our expert team brings your vision to life with precision and technical know-how. User-friendly design is our obsession. We focus on creating intuitive interfaces and a consistent user experience that keeps people coming back for more. 

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Mobile App Development Process

mobile app development process followed by a Kerala-based app development company

Let's chat! We want to hear your mobile app dream. Our team will throw ideas around, dig into what is hot in the market, and do some homework to cook up a solution that perfectly fits your goals and makes a splash with your target users.

Our designers and developers will turn your app idea into a reality you can hold on! We craft beautiful interfaces that are easy to use, experiences that keep people hooked, and the techy stuff that makes it all work smoothly. Also, we use an agile development process. 

Our team puts your app through its paces on different devices, platforms, and situations to catch any glitches or usability issues. We do all kinds of testing - how it works, how fast it is, and how secure it is - to make sure your app is the best. 

We will help you for a smooth launch and then be there for the long haul with ongoing maintenance and support. Think of us as your app's Godfather keeping it running smooth with updates. 

Talk to our experts

Many are unaware of the importance of mobile app development in Calicut. To build a top mobile app, Oriben will give you A to Z expertise and suggestions for you. Clear your all doubts and work with our development team for your business needs! 


Our mobile app development company in Calicut offers a wide range of services including custom app development, UI/UX design, native and hybrid app development, app testing, and ongoing maintenance and support.

The app development cost in Calicut can vary due to various reasons. One among them is your app’s complexity. App features and platform (iOS, Android, or both), and development time also affect the cost. Our team provides customised quotes based on client requirements and budget constraints.

Yes, we provide assistance with app store submission and optimisation to ensure your app reaches its target audience. Apart from these we offer guidance on marketing strategies to promote your app and downloads and user engagement. 

Oriben specialises in developing apps for both iOS and Android platforms. Whether you need a native app specifically used for one platform or a hybrid app that works across multiple platforms, we have the expertise to deliver high-quality solutions.

We implement measures to protect mobile apps from cyber threats and vulnerabilities. This includes secure coding practices, encryption of sensitive data, and regular security audits to detect and lower risks. 

Why Oriben for Your Mobile App Development?

Our success hinges on understanding your business! We will team up closely to pinpoint your goals, roadblocks, and golden opportunities. This way, we can use our development process to perfectly align with your overall strategy. Need to boost revenue? Improve efficiency? Get your brand noticed? We will develop mobile solutions that effectively target your specific business needs. Next up, it is all about your target audience. Who are you trying to reach? Knowing them inside and out is key to building an app that thrives. We will have a deep dive into research to understand your ideal user. This includes their age, interests, how they use apps, and more. Through getting to know your audience, we can design features, functionality, and a killer look that perfectly matches their needs and preferences, guaranteeing they will love using your app.

Our mobile app development team dominates pivoting challenges across various industries, from healthcare and finance to retail, education, and even entertainment. We get that each industry has its quirks and needs, so we made our solutions to perfectly fit the bill. Need things done fast? We hear you. That is why we use rapid application development methodologies to bring you speed, flexibility, and the ability to adapt on the fly. Our agile approach means we can roll with the punches, deliver updates in bite-sized chunks, and get your app to market faster without sacrificing quality. And through the process and cutting out unnecessary delays, we help you to survive this curve and snatch up new opportunities as they arise.

Among the app development companies in Calicut, Oriben is all about doing mobile app magic that helps businesses win big in today’s online world. We know which kind of development or expertise is suitable for each business type. Therefore, we are known for creating custom apps that fit your business like a glove. Not only will these apps address your specific needs, they will exceed your expectations. 

Different Apps but Oriben's Solutions!

The battle between Android and iPhone is real! Some people love the ease and affordability of Android, while others swear by the features and security of iPhones. That is why the best Android app development company in Calicut needs to be a master of both worlds. At Oriben, we are Calicut’s go-to mobile app developers, giving sharp solutions for all kinds of businesses and audiences. Our crack team of developers are app experts who are able to build high-quality, innovative apps that users will love and that will help your business flourish.  We use the latest tech and industry best practices to make sure your app shines on both the Google Play Store and the App Store, delivering bewitching performance, security, and a good user experience. 

We build mobile apps that help a wide range of businesses of all sizes win in today’s digital market. To achieve this, we care about your industry or goals. Our app development team is there for you every step of the way such as brainstorming your initial idea to that glorious launch on both Google Play and the App Store. We believe in open communication, working together, and hitting deadlines. So, if you are a startup or an established company, Oriben can be the best mobile app developer for you creating mobile apps that leave the best user experience. 

Interrelation Among Oriben, Mobile Apps & Business

Mobile applications and businesses are interconnected. Because it is through mobile apps that businesses reach everywhere. Today, mobile apps are everywhere, and Oriben is a frontrunner in creating them. We specialise in creating native app development, which means they are custom-made for multiplatform like Android and iOS. This lets us squeeze the most out of each device and ensures top performance and a smooth UI/UX design. Our team of skilled developers brings their expertise to every project, resulting in high-quality mobile applications that you will love using.

Oriben is all about building mobile apps with the latest tech and fresh ideas. We do not limit ourselves to one platform, though. Our cross-platform approach lets us reach a wider audience and get your app in front of more people. You get your app to market faster and for less. The best part? You don’t sacrifice quality – your app will still have all the functionality and feel of a native app, whether it is for Android or iOS. A mobile application helps businesses do tons of things, like boost customer engagement, make employees more productive, and even bring in more sales. 

Mobile apps have become essential tools for both businesses and regular people by doing daily tasks to completely change entire industries. This lets businesses show the full power of mobile technology and get a leg up in today’s competitive market. Our development cycle is pretty darn good and we are passionate about helping businesses use mobile development to succeed.